Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's coming up!

Well, it's August 12th and it's really starting to hit me that I will be leaving the country for almost 4 months in only 17 days!!! I went in and got 3 shots yesterday(Japanese encephilidus, Hep. A #2, and a TB booster) and my arms are sore...I also got an extensive prescription for malaria pills that I'll take every day in India and some hardcore good diarrhea medicine, YES!!! I saw some relatives for the last time until December and Mike gave me a promise ring...I'll wear it on my right hand! Wow, so much happening and so much to happen! After a trip to REI, target, and multiple garage sales, I think I have most of what I will need on my journey and can tie me over until I get to India. I've been reading In Spite of the Gods, by Edward Luce, this summer and feel as if I am starting to scratch the surface of what is going on with development in India...well, I'm just barely scratching the surface! My flight will be on August 29th at 5:05 from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Lindbergh terminal to Chicago, then to London and on to Bangalore!!! WAHOO!